CNC Driving School


At CNC Driving School, we’re committed to equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a confident and responsible driver. Our expert instructors will guide you through each step of your driving journey, ensuring you’re well-prepared for all road situations. Join us today and take the first step towards becoming a safe and skilled driver!

Introduction to Driving: We’ll start by familiarizing you with the basics of driving, ensuring you’re comfortable behind the wheel.

Seat and Mirrors Adjustments: Learn the importance of proper seat positioning and mirror adjustments for optimal visibility and safety.

Vehicle Auxiliary Controls: Get hands-on experience with the various controls and features of your vehicle.

Scanning: Develop the habit of scanning your surroundings to anticipate potential hazards and react accordingly.

Steering: Master the art of steering, including smooth and precise maneuvers.

Acceleration and Braking: Understand the nuances of accelerating and braking, ensuring you can control your vehicle effectively.

Straight Driving: Learn to drive in a straight line smoothly and safely.

Lane Position: Discover the importance of proper lane positioning for different driving scenarios.

Lane Changing: Gain confidence in safely changing lanes while driving.

Right/Left Turns: Perfect your turning techniques for both right and left turns.

Traffic Handling: Navigate through various traffic situations with ease and confidence.

Parking Lot Driving: Practice parking in different parking lot scenarios, including alley parking.

Residential/Business/Main Roads/Freeways/Curves/Hills Training: Get a well-rounded experience by driving in residential areas, on business routes, main roads, freeways, and handling curves and hills.

Parking Skills: Hone your parking skills with techniques for next-to-curb parking, parallel parking, diagonal parking, perpendicular parking, and reverse parking.

DMV Route Practice Test: Prepare for your DMV test with route practice that simulates real-world driving conditions.


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  • 2 HRS $175.00

  • 6 HRS $465.00

  • 10 HRS $725.00

  • 20 HRS $1400.00

  • 6 HRS PLUS DRIVE TEST $640.00

  • 10 HRS. PLUS DRIVE TEST $900.00

  • 20 HRS. PLUS DRIVE TEST $1,675.00

  • 60 HRS. FULL EXPERIENCE $4400.00


Includes one hour of practice prior to your appointment time.